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Originally Posted by Rosey2376 View Post
What I love more than knitting (is that possible?), and talking about knitting is ORGANISING
LOL! I'm the type of person who will see a messy room and offer to come over and sort it with you later. I love re-tetris-ing a room for better traffic flow.I reorganize the living room about once every other month

Just yesterday my bf and I moved the bed against the wall, moved the floating nightstand,my typewriter stuff(<3333),his bass guitar and some storage stuff to a different place to make room for a *dun duh da DA!* sewing desk And somehow there is more room in here than before.I'm telling you, re-tetris-ing.

In a couple days we're going to basically raid every thrift store we know exists like mad people in search of such a desk to fill the new void and a nice trunk like the one I keep my yarn in for spare blankets to place at the foot of the bed.Ah, I love thrift stores.
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