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Turning the Heel
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I did the crochet provisional cast on for my 2nd sleeve! You guys are right, it was so easy. I actually saw and bypassed that video the first time, thinking it wasn't what I was looking for. I guess I was thinking it was a way to start a crochet project.

I was going to try the knitting 4 rows with waste yarn for the body, but I really liked the crochet chain so I think I'll stick with that. Lucy Neatby has such a cute accent. I don't know what she means about potato sacks though. Either they are different in England or I've never bought a whole sack of potatoes before.

Now to unpick the caston from the 1st sleeve. I have to rip it back to the turning row anyway as my gauge in stockinette is so much looser that the hem won't fit nicely inside the cuff. Time to decrease a few sts and a needle size! At least it is stockinette and should unravel once I get the caston picked out. I was trying to unravel some ribbing in CeCe last week and I'd forgotten that ribbing doesn't unravel. Whoops!
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