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Turning the Heel
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I'm baccckkk!!!!

Got the "head" portion done, now it's time to go around the opening and pick up stitches to make the ribbing around the face.

Since I'll be working with unattached yarn, what is the best method to make sure the new stitches will not come unraveled? I've been watching the "picking up stitches" video, and get the idea, but the video is using yarn that's already worked into the project. Do I just find a place and tie a knot and then start picking up stitches from there? The way the pattern reads, there is not even any yarn from the previous knitting to try and weave it together with.

Thanks for any advice! (And, if anyone else has done the citizenSAM helmet liner pattern, can you tell me when you switched to the double pointed needles? This just said "when necessary....and I need details! Because by the time I figure it's necessary, I ended up with oddball numbers on each needle, and ended up with a loose stitch that I managed to work in somehow. ugh)
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