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You organizers are inspiring me! Your rooms (and spools) look beautiful!! I want to leave work right now, go home and start attacking my "craft room"!

...and Meowmeow, I think you and my DH are "astral twins". He has an LP Album collection that he probably started when he was 10 years old. He's 55 now, so you can only imagine. (Literally hundreds of albums!!) They're arranged in alphabetical order by artist, and when he has more than one by the same artist, they are arranged chronologically by year. We've had several floods, so some of the album covers (and art) have been lost, but he found some 12" x 12" manilla envelopes, and made his own (minus the art of course, but still a protective sleeve.). He has everything from rock, blues, 80's music, etc.

I had to laugh at your "re-tetrising". I can totally relate!

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