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Second Complete project!

And no I don't have any delusions about how EASY scarves are. I'm still a green-horn at knitting.

Anyhow, This is my first post here at, I've already utilized the site to great extent in my learning how to knit. Though I noticed that knitting is much like ceramics in that it is important to do it to learn it. HANDS ON, ALL THE WAY!!

It's a 4 foot long by 4 inch wide scarf made with lion brand, home spun yarn. It isn't perfect, but it does come with a matching sash to tie it up when it isn't being used. My fiance already loves it, and it was quite the yarn to continue learning how to knit on. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what tension to use because if you do it too tight the yarn starts to bunch up on itself. I pretty much fixed the problem half way through the project, though it leads to messy stitches.

Any comments?

I will put a pic of myself up later.
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