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Originally Posted by laikabear View Post
My gauge for colorowork is 1 st. tighter than stockinette (even TRYING to be loose), and my stockinette gauge is always tight as heck. I have to go up 2 needle sizes most of the time. I guess I'm just TENSE!!!

Welcome Jess! Aren't you somewhere super cold? I'm impressed you're making your own pattern!
Well at the moment it's 31, but it is the midwest... so it's liable to drop to sub-zero at any moment. They're anticipating a major storm Monday/Tuesday.
I'm a firm believer that anyone can make their own pattern, or do anything else for that matter. You just have to use your own strengths. For some people, the method is obvious. But, what about musical talents? Well, knitting is a rhythm. Think of the colors as different notes and write a symphony! The second rule I have is this: NEVER be afraid to try something new. Having never done it before, or being told that it is hard, is not an excuse to not do it. TAKE RISKS!
IF you do that... you'll screw up a lot, sure, but you will also learn, do, and create some amazing things.
If anyone is interested in designing their own project but isn't sure of how to go about it, let me know and I would be happy to guide you through the process.

My knitting starts out tight, but like you, my Fair Isle is even tighter! Part of it is the tension I put on the yarn I'm carrying. Try paying particular attention to that strand and see if that helps.
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