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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Helmet Liner Success
Originally Posted by miccisue View Post
Well, I finished it. It's not bad, but I can tell that the more you make the better you get (at least for me....these directions weren't quite enough for me - I need the "when you get to x number of stitches, divide them between 3 dp needles) and I think maybe I might need to do more decreaes near the place where the ribbing from the neck meets the ribbing around the face. It almost seemed like there was too much of a gap there, although hubby tried it on and said it fit him fine.

I also found out picking up stitches when using black yarn is tougher than the video that shows using lighter colored yarn (or maybe that's just me, too), but since that's one of the few colors allowed I'll just have to keep practicing and learning.

Thanks kae for all your help!!! I'll stick this one in my As package, and let them see if one of them can wear it - if not, they can pass it on.
I'm so glad you were able to finish the helmet liner with success. If it fits your hubby it should work fine for others. It is always such a nice feeling to be able to complete a tough project and have it be successful.

I too have trouble working with black and try to only knit on it in daylight especially when picking up stitches. There is something about the natural light that helps me in that process.

Happy knitting. The next one should be a lot easier.

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