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Working with the gap
Originally Posted by miccisue View Post
Did you have any problems with there seeming to be a bit of a "gap" right around (what in Shandeh's picture looks like the eye or "meeting area")? Bob said it was OK, but they were so specific about no areas for wind to get in, and I don't think mine is that close a fit. I'm wondering about taking in a couple extra stitches in that area in the final row.

Of course, if it won't work for that, they can always wear it to bed if their heads get cold at night.............. (can you tell I'm a perfectionist who ALWAYS second guesses myself?)

Thanks, and I'll keep at it! I have another skein of black and one of brown, so I've got at least two more in me. But, since I'm having outpatient knee surgery Friday, maybe I should pick up a couple more skeins in case I'm not knocked out from pain meds and run out of yarn.
First, good luck with the knee surgery. My daughter has had surgery on both knees to keep her kneecap from dislocating and I know just how much trouble knees can be.

Second, for the gap, can you take a couple of duplicate stitches and close the gap? I always finish off my ends with the duplicate stitch weaving technique so the ends don't come loose and there aren't any knots. That method should work to close the gap. I think there is a video on knitting help showing how to do it.

Like you, I feel a lot better if I have lots of yarn available for projects when I'm recovering (or sitting with my husband when he is recovering). It is my 'security blanket' I guess.

Good luck and happy knitting.

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