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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
You said cotton blend... blended with what? Wool, acrylic, nylon?

Here's a few of many, many DK yarns-
Plymouth Jeannee
KP Cotlin

BTW... you can click the yarn tab of the pattern in Rav and see what other people have used. I use that a lot.
I really don't know what I want. I do know I don't want wool in the blend. Like I said I like in Texas and I want to wear this in the spring and summer. It gets to be 104* here in the summer, but I in the AC it's cold. Even the mid 70* can be hot with the humidity around here. I want something that is drapey and soft. Maybe a bit of linen or silk. I thought a blend would be nicer than straight cotton.

I have looked at Cotlin by Knit Picks, but many knitters have complained about "fuzzies". It is high on my list, but I just wanted to find out other knitters thoughts on DK cotton blends as I am not as experienced with yarns as many out there on the web. I also find that when I go to my LYS (that has yarn stacked to the ceiling) I end up feeling a bit overwhelmed and don't always get the yarn I want. This is a potentially large yarn purchase and I don't want to be unperpared for the yarn purchase. I'd like to have a sort of shopping list to choose from.

I did look at the yarns others used, but many used wools or the yarn listed in the pattern. I am just checking my options.
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