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Grafting the Toe
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this is the part that confuses me: pm, p1, slip
1 st purlwise wyif, p1, pm...where do I work these stitches into? the front stitches?
Yes, I think so, if you are talking about the first time you encounter that set of instructions. You will have that 4 times. Once at each raglan seam where the sleeves meet the body.

pm means place marker. You just slide a round marker onto the right hand (RH) needle at that point. P1 = purl into the next st. It may be on another piece that you are connecting or whatever the next st is.

slip1 st purlwise wyif
This is all one action. Have the yarn in front (wyif=with yarn in front) and slip the next st by inserting your RH needle into the stitch purl wise, don't work it just slip it to the RH needle.

Then purl the next st. And then place another marker on the RH needle at that spot.

I hope this helps.
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