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Understanding gauge and needle size - help a challenged knitter out...
I feel silly to ask this question, but feeling silly is okay as long as I learn something from it! I'm just not able to visualize how this works, and am very concerned that I'll sort this out the hard way. Goodness knows that I'll learn plenty of other stuff the hard way...

Ridiculously silly question:
I'm a tight knitter. Am I likelier to use MORE yarn than a project calls for, or LESS?

For example, if a project calls for size 6 needles and 460 yards of yarn, and I know that I knit tightly, would I need to plan to have more yarn available, or would I be likelier to have yarn left over?

[I know that I would need to knit a swatch and get gauge and all of that - which I will do - but I'm interested to know what is likely to happen.]

Math is hard and stuff. twirls hair around her finger
So thank you for for helping me understand this simple concept...!


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