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Company Name Suggestion?
Im finding myself knitting alot for hire...I supose i need to call myself something, because i like to put tags on the things i make so they will know fiber content and washing instructions...

But what?

Im always saying "life gets in the way of my knitting" but thats too long.

Heres what i do...
I custom make socks to size/color/fiber/ect.
well...i do that for about anything a person would order, not just socks.

Im currently designing/making things for a shop to there is no preorder there...i just make things for them to sell based on what they want in the store. In turn, their customers are ordering stuff from seeing my things in the store, custom to their wants/needs.

I suppose I would make just about anything a person would want so somehow i would like to convey that in the name. or maybe not? lol

Im really not good at this sort of thing...I just would like to have something to put on the other side of the card I place on the item i make. I thought a good catchy/funny/effective name would be good.

Would appriciate any suggestions from yall...

PS...A friend of mine suggested "Cast On For You" What yall think of that one?
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