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OT: Sore Fingers
Help!!! It has been a cold and very dry winter for me. I have been using hand lotions as usual however this year my fingers - just my thumbs and pointer fingers are splitting (in the corners) they have been doing since November- There is not a week that has went by that I do not have a bandaid on at least one if not two of them, they heal and then re-split. They hurt like....... It is like having the most extreme papercut. It also feels like I have glass in my finger tips. I can't even begin to describe the pain if I bump one of them. I just want them to heal and stay healed- It definitely gets in the way of my knitting in addition to anything else I do. I have never experienced this before. I haven't taken the time to go to CVS or somewhere and maybe see if a pharmacist could recommend some over the counter cream or something. I have put lotion after lotion- several differnt kinds- drinking more water. Any remedies, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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