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I have some weird allergic reaction to newspaper... it has to be the interaction of the ink with the paper, because by themselves they don't bother me... plus I am constantly washing my hands because that's what trained microbiologists do better than anyone else. As a result my nails are dehydrated and heavily ridged and I hesitate to moisturize until bedtime or I go out for a few hours so I am not getting any unwanted oils on to my yarn.

I use gloves for dishes, and cleaning anything and it's saved my hands, quite literally. Touching newspaper causes the skin to bubble up and itch, then it peels away in huge strips and hurts... a lot. I have to be very careful getting the mail because of junk mail circulars. I have to be careful of the yarn I use. And my best advice to you is to moisturize your hands after you get out of the tub or shower, while your hands are still damp from the water and warm enough that your pores are open. Skin So Soft by Avon and Vaseline's Hand and Nail lotion are my go to faves.

See, Mom? I am still using my education even though I no longer work in the field. I am NOT wasting my life.
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