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Casting On
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Can I recover or re cast a dropped cast on stitch from the long tail cast on?
I started knitting a hat in the round on double pointed needles and I accidentally dropped the first cast on stitch! I'm hoping there is a way this might be recovered without having to "frog it" and start over. If anyone knows a way this could be accomplished it would be very much appreciated!

To be more specific, I used the long tail cast on method to cast on 72 stitches. I divided the stitches between my three needles and (I think I'm using this terminology correctly) joined the round, starting my k1 p1 rib pattern. I worked 71 stitches in the k1 p1 rib until I got to stitch 72 (or 1, depending on how you look at it) and was about to purl it when, oops, it slipped off the end of my needle! Now I have a straight piece of yarn/gap and a 'long tail' where my last stitch should have been and I'm one stitch short. I'm wondering is there is a way to sort of re-cast on this stitch or is it a better idea to just rip it and start again.

Thanks for your help!
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