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There are instructions for both the ribbing pattern and main pattern doing them either in the round or flat. I don't have a problem with how to do either in whatever format I'm doing it in. I think, with the ribbing, that I was a bit to judgmental of my own work for a bit. If I had let it "ease" a bit, it probably would have looked just fine. I was, most likely, too quick to frog it.

I need to take my time as I'm in the "home stretch" as it were of the sweater and I figured I could just bang out a couple of sleeves in no time. In my rushing, I'm not being careful. As I've said....It's me, not the sleeves.

Granted, the pattern is simple, yet the increases make it complex and I have to decide how to arrange the stitches so the majority of the pattern stays true. I was hoping there was some sort of magical shortcut, which there is not. This has to be chalked up to skill and I'm learning by doing in this instance.

Wow, I'm sounding so philosophical about it all. Hmmm? Zen and the Art of Knitting, anyone? "Become one with the stitches, Grasshopper."
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