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sweetheart baby afghan -help me please
Hi - i am not sure if it's a pattern error or my error.
I am working on a baby afghan (pattern by Brooke Shellflower) and I went up to row 52 and then noticed the rows that show the tips of the heart patterns were completely off kilter. I thought i understood the pattern pretty well by the diagrams provided for in the pattern booklet. I undid my work back to the beginning of the heart and tried again for 1 heart design on it's own, but i ran across the same issues.
There should be 160sts for each row from the start of the heart pattern to the end (tips) of the hearts. So I checked the stitch count of even rows from row 46 through 54 inclusive. Rows 46 and 48 and 54 all total 160 sts. However, row 50 totals 144sts and row 52 totals 141sts. Should this happen? if not, I don't know how to fix this pattern to make it work. Please help me out?
Please let me know what other info is needed in order to help me out.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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