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what to send
kuddos to Lissaplus2 for being sneaking and nosey! LOL You can send your partner, patterns (there aer a lot of great free ones online) or even some little goodies from you area. I am from Ohio so one swap I made homemade buckeyes (chocolate and peanut butter candies) and sent to my partner. I also had someone make me a small fabric bag to put a small knit project in for easy transport. Its all up to you, I am sure your partner will enjoy whatever you decide!

Originally Posted by lissaplus2 View Post
my swap partner said some things in his questionaire that were not related to knitting so im working on that too. I went sneaking thro his posts too to scrounge up any bits of information i could about what he likes, ect.

I have to make one thing and write a note and its ready to be sent. I got all the rest of the things yesterday. I even got my husband in on this one.

MAJOR hints here on who my partner is !!!!!!

can you guess?
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