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OT: dog experts around?
I have a 10 year old GSD/Siberian Husky male (neutered.) He enjoys the company of other dogs blah blah.

My upstairs neighbours (landlords) recently got a 6 month old mixed breed female that was just spayed. Sweet dog.

Anyway, my dog and their dog enjoy romping in the back yard, despite the near 10 year difference in their ages and the fact my dog is twice the size of theirs.

My dog is pretty polite with other dogs, he enjoys playing with them etc. Today, he and Sadie enjoyed tug of war with a toy but later, he began to hump her, then roll her on the ground etc. She was also chasing him, biting at him etc. I noticed before she bites at him quite a lot which he doesn't seem to mind.

Today, she made no sounds, he growled a little but it seemed to me to be "play growling" not the more ominous kind. Sadie never tried to run away from him/cower/yelp etc so I figured, let them do what they were doing as long as neither of them looked like it hurt or was "too much."

Upstairs neighbour was kind of freaked out by it (I think this is her first dog) and told me her dog was biting at the neck of a dog at a park today (underneath the neck) I think her dog is being playful, not aggressive/trying to fight.

I think my dog and her dog are trying to work out who has the higher status...what do you think?

history on my dog: no dog fights ever, never showed the slightest inclination to bite a person, has never killed an animal either. He's the kind of dog that likes to lay around and sometimes go out and play.
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