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Yes. The shelter they got her from wanted them to bring my dog to meet her to make sure they would get along since they would live on the same property. They apparently got along fine and my dog was apparently politely instructing her on how to behave (not the first time I've heard of him doing this with dogs.)

My dog is still in good shape for a dog his age and can tear around like a 1 year old dog, I'm slightly concerned about their size difference putting the 6 month old in some slight danger when they rough house but she seems to instigate tearing around/play fighting etc.

I think what you said is wise, watch them, if it gets out of hand break up the play for that day which is what happened today, though both dogs were companionably drinking from the same bucket right after.

My dog actually whines to go out and play with her now, once, she came to my door and was patiently waiting for him to come out and play with her. Quite absurdly cute really, especially the tug of war game they played today.

Sigh. i <3 my dog so much, he's been my buddy for 8 years (was in the SPCA previous to me adopting him.) His advancing age sometimes makes me fret but I've lost a dog before so I know it is inevitable.
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