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Turning the Heel
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I only read to page 11, so don't know if this tip was offered already, but here goes:

When I knit socks, I buy 2 sets of 4 needles, so I can cast on and knit both socks at the same time. eg. when one cuff is completed, I put that sock down and begin the second cuff. This way both cuffs come out the same length, and also: the toes will be the same colors (if I want them that way), cuz I use a different ball on each needle set.

It also helps me to remember how to do....cuz once I've mastered a heel (for instance), I can immediately do the second heel and not have to learn it all over again.

AND it avoids SSS (second sock syndrome).

Soon I will try the toe-up socks and will need 4 circular needles for it!
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