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Adjusting a Knitted Garment
Just wondering if it is actually possible to adjust a knitted garment once it has been knitted. Someone told me a friend of hers had knitted her a nice jacket but that it had turned out too big. The friend was going to fix it so that it would fit, but apparently she still has it, about 2 years later. My friend asked if I would be able to take it in for her, provided she could get the jacket back from this other woman. I said I wasn't sure it was possible to 'take in' a knitted garment the same way as you take in a sewn garment. I also warned her I was a very slow knitter and it make take me a while to knit her the complete jacket. I was thinking I would have to redo the side and sleeve seams, making them further in from the edges of the knitting, but it's probably not as simple as that.

Would like to hear what you think.

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