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Help with pattern instructions
Hi everyone

I need a little help deciphering a sweater pattern I am working on.

1) If the pattern says "continue pattern until beg measures X inches, ending with a WS row" - does this mean I finish KNITTING a wrong row so that the next row would be right side facing, or does it mean to end after a RS row so that the next row I start with will be WRONG SIDE facing? (I hope this makes sense)

2) (starting with 32 stitches on a row) " 1 st each end of next and every following 10th row until there are 38 sts, then on every following 12th row until there are 46 sts."
I am confused about the 12th row situation. This is what I have Row 10 - increased by 2 stitches (=36), Row 20 - increased by 2 stitches (=38) .....
then do I increase again at Row 24, 36, 48, etc. (which would be every 12th row if you count from Row 1);
OR do I increase every 12th row from ROW 20 (which would make it Row 32, 44, etc).....

I hope this isn't too confusing.

Thanks for your help!
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