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Any designers out there?
I'm knitting a stole using the mock rib. I want to add a panel of 2 repeats of Lion Brand's lacy leaf pattern in the center, preferably with a K1, yo, Kl frame. I'll put the pattern #in but the problem is this. The very common lacy leaf pattern #80737A begins with 17 sts. 1st row which decreases to 15 sts. for rows 2 - 7 and returns to 17 sts. on row 8. So, when I knit from another pattern to this one it eats up a stitch from the pattern next to it and then doesn't return it. Is it possible to add something to overcome the lost stitch without the pattern pulling and looking goofy? Any opinions?
I've designed several things using various patterns together Lots of math involved but, I know that some just don't work. Is this one of those? Jean
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