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OT: girlie stuff
Here's the skinny:

I'm moving to Denver in a few months, my boyfriend and I are gonna cohabitate. Yes, he shares custody of his 6 year old son with his ex-wife (they're still in the divorce process currently.) I was just officially declared divorced from my ex husband (I separated from him two years ago.)

Anyway, I told my boyfriend that in order for us to cohabitate, we need to be making a serious committment (ie: get married sooner rather than later.) He agreed with this, I'm sick of being in relationships that don't include serious plans, too old for that stuff (almost 36.)

Long story short, I have been perusing wedding dresses, cause I'm a girl and we do that.

I have been drooling over a couple so far:

I'm also waffling if we should get hitched at some court house or do it up on a mountain somewhere. I also thought it would be cool to include cycling somehow, we're both avid cyclists.

Caveat: he hasn't officially proposed, but he will.
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