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Spend $50 on a license and do it in a courthouse. in your jeans and tshirt...spend the other $900 (or more)you were GONNA spend on a dress and wedding... for a trip to the mountains riding bikes for a hunnymoon, and a cabin rental WAYYY far away from civilization. That would be much better to spend your money on and much more memories than a rediculously over priced dress you will wear one day. you can bring some fam members to the courthouse. and have a small reception(bbq and lawnchairs....) before you leave. Make sure EVERYONE takes a digital pic of some sort. Have them send it to you and you put it on an album you make on your computer....when you get back. of course.

Now if that dont sound hickish???
My point is, you dont need all the fancies to have a great wedding...after all, are you getting married for each other or the fancy dress and reception hall and all the thousands of dollars of food and flowers and nicities that no one cares about past that day but you. All you need is each other, family, food and a place to put it all together ...good times......

my thoughts..
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