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UPDATE! OT: Too early to leave baby?
Sorry I have been absent lately, taking care of a baby has taken away from my knitting and internet time I know a lot of you are mother and grandmothers and I want your opinion about this..

Hereís the story. My husband and I live away from family. I have not left our baby with anyone ever. My husband is new to the whole baby thing so heís not a huge help (I wouldn't tell him that) His family lives about 6hours away and have only seen the baby for about a month when he was born.

My husband decided he wanted to go on a couples vacation in May. A cruise to Alaska to be exact. I have never flown, seen the ocean, or been in a boat, so it will be a lot of firsts for me. He has it all planned out. We will leave our baby (he will be 6 months old) with grandma for the week. We will spend 2 days with our baby at grandmas so he can adjust.

Grandma is in her early 50's, good health, and I do trust that she will take the very best care of him. She loves him dearly and cannot wait to spend the week with him.

I feel extremely guilty. Not many moms leave their 6 month old, let alone with someone they arenít used to. I am worried he will either have so much fun being spoiled by grandma that he will forget me or he will be so scared to be in a different place around different people that he will be sick the whole time. I don't know how much fun I am going to have because I know I am going to miss him a lot. On the other hand, I do not want to neglect my husband. He says this will be the last opportunity for us to take an adult vacation. Since our baby was born I hardly sleep in bed with him because I end up in the chair with baby, and it has been hard for him to adjust to all the changes.

The tickets are bought, we got insurance on them so we can cancel.. but I will feel bad for that too. What should I do?
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