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Thanks Abby. I understand your procedure, however, because my lacy leaf pattern changes st. amounts on its 1st and 8th rows 1 st. on each side of the panel doesn't do it. Even if the panel pattern is kept it pulls the next sts. and ruins the look. I'm attempting to fix that problem now. I think I'll need more than 1 st of allowance. The lacy leaf pattern is Lion Brand's #80737A. I'm putting a 2 repeat panel within a mock knit(broken rib). Could've done all lacy leaf pat. but, my yarn doesn't lend itself to it that well and I wanted a little variety. I could have done a cable or tree of life pattern and it would have been easier. This shawl is for a dear friend who has been an organic gardener for a long time and I like to make things that are relative to people's life experiences - so my border is seed stitch and the leaf pattern I want in the center surrounded by broken rib pattern, which is what you think you might have when you garden at our age. If I can't do it I'll just do all broken rib with the seed st. border and make a neat shawl pin for it. No lives lost over it! Jean
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