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I have a 17 month old son, and am expecting my first daughter in june. At 8 or so months my husband and I had to leave our little boy for 4 days or less can't remember to go to a business conferance. Our son was left with 4 women all over 50 that spoiled him rotten. All 4 of the women were either realitives or very close freinds of family. I felt guilty but not as guilty as my husband felt. the first day I watched my cellphone like a hawk I'd call here and there and was told "Have fun we are too". By day 4 we were both looking forward to seeing our son, only to pick him up from grandma's and to be ignored. We spent a week more or less being snubed as it were. By the end of the week I think our son had forgiven us. Its hard to leave but sometimes you have to or need to. Good luck only you can decide what to do.
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