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My advice is to do the things with your wedding that mean the most to you. Obviously, the dress is pretty important to you, so definitely get one. (They are both gorgeous by the way, but I prefer the second one.). And the pictures are important, so get the photographer you want. And if you like a sapphire ring, tell your BF and show him what you like. But, also keep in mind that he probably wants to do something to surprise you and to pick out that special piece of jewelry himself. Just give him the direction so he'll know (especially gem size and price wise) what you will love. That way no one will be disappointed.

Look around in your new hometown and find a beautiful spot that you love. You don't need to make a huge trek into the mountains (in your lovely dress, I might add) to find beautiful places. And have a nice luncheon or dinner somewhere with the ones you love. It doesn't have to be a big deal. But wear the dress all day for sure.
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