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Hi, I think I see what is happening. The directions as you wrote them for the daisy stitch wouldn't work, but I found a site that describes a daisy stitch and I think you were trying to convey what they say.

Is this what you are doing?
Row 1: Knit (right side)
Row 2: K1, * P3tog, then YO and purl the same 3tog again, k1; repeat from * across
Row 3: knit
Row 4: K1, p1, k1, *P3tog, then YO and purl the same 3tog again, k1; repeat across to last 2; p1, k1.

As soon as you do the first BO 2 the pattern will be messed up if you try to follow it as written. Here is what I learned from working the pattern repeat several times and trying some BOs and decreases...

After the initial BO 2 at the beginning of the next two rows all the decreases are done on the right side at the beg and end of each knit only row. I'm not sure where your 1st BO falls but one will be done on a RS and one on a WS row. If the 1st BO falls on a WS row BO the 2 and then turn your work to look at the right side. You will be able to see the groups of 3 that were purled together and the k1s between them. On the row you are about to work you need the middle of the last 3 stitches that were purled together to be a k1 on this row with the first P3 tog just past that k1. So look carefully on the right side where you can see what is going on and count how many stitches you have before that K1 I was talking about, after you have done your BO. If there is 1, I'd purl it and then k1, P3 tog, YO (P the 3tog again), k1 and continue across as usual. If there are 2 you could k1, p1 and then do the k1, P3tog etc. I don't know if you would ever have 3 before the k1 that will be in the middle of the group of 3 from last time, but if you do I guess you would start out with the P3tog part so the k1 would fall right after it.

On one of the BO rows you will be working from the right side so BO your 2 and then without turning see where the groups of 3 are and make the center one a k1. Use your head on the stitches before the first K1. And at the end of the rows. You will, of course, knit all stitches on the right side rows so that will be easy, but on the wrong side rows think about where you are in the pattern and do the best you can to fit the end stitches into the k1, p1, k1 sequence, or the k1 that you were having at the beginning of rows 2 and 4.

You would need to do after every decrease or bind off row. Look at where you are in the pattern by looking at the right side. Find the groups of 3 that were purled together and you want to make the center one a k1 like you have between the groups of 3. After the 2 BO rows all the decs will fall on the right side and you will need to reposition the pattern as you work the wrong side rows. So every time you turn it back and look and decide where you are and make them work into the pattern.

It isn't nearly as hard to do as it is to tell about it.
If I have confused you ask further and maybe I can clarify or someone else can help.
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