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Thanks Gina. Yes, I do know that. My family is full of wonderful marriages, and my mom in particular says to be careful and find balance in a relationship. Of course, she also says not to pick a guy like my dad, because you'll wind up with a kid just like him (and she's referring to me).
I screwed up with this guy, I let him get away with kissing me on the first date (like I said, I LIKE kissing, and I thought I'd be OK with it) and then I had to throw on the brakes, but that's a difficult thing for someone to understand when they hardly know me. A kiss isn't that big a deal, really.

I couldn't find the lady who emailed me about the GEO class, but I did get a response from her that they will waitlist me and they will probably have space for me in the class. So now I get to play a waiting game.

On the other hand, the waiting I've been doing for the new book in my favorite series is FINALLY over! I totally stalked the first floor today - fortunately I discovered by accident a couple of weeks ago that UPS leaves their delivery notifications on the front door, because I never use that door and would have been pacing around my mailbox for until the office was about to close. Instead, I managed to get it home and read it in 4 hours flat. Should I have been doing other things? heck yes. Was I? No freaking way.
Which reminds me to put up the last bookshelf on my bed!
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