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Well, hopefully things work out for your dh. If he's OK with three more years working where he is now, that's a wonderful thing. I think my grandpa would still be working as maintenance if his factory hadn't closed about the time he was up for retirement anyway, because he liked having something to do. So now he does all kinds of stuff instead.

I went to the movie Remember Me tonight (got my paycheck yesterday and today I got refunded for snacks I bought for seminar, I'd forgotten I had money coming from that... so I gave myself a treat.). I almost went to How to Train Your Dragon, but I was in the mood for something angsty and dramatic. Fortunately, I love that kind of movie, because that's what it is... and I never ever get to see them in theaters because everybody else insists on the lighthearted stuff... which is good, too, but I'm a sad songs type of person. Anyways, it was a good movie, as long as you like that kind of thing. If you go in hoping for something all happy and comedic, you'll be disappointed.
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