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Where at in MO?
Im in the Kansas City suburb...Norborne.

Im always very picky as to what I make for a craft fair. Normally I will design what I take because im selling this stuff and I dont want to use someone elses pattern due to copyright issues.

The craft fairs I go to,
my scrubbies(made outta tulle, or mesh like material) sell like hot cakes, I live in a farming community and my husband uses one in his shop for cleaning his hands...I make sure to tell people that and the guys usually buy 2 or 3 of them. Takes about an hour to make one...if that.

I have a pattern for the state of Missouri washcloth if you want it...After I made it tho I found a link for patterns for all 50 states. But those might be covered under copyright...Im sure if you asked, she wouldnt mind.

and novelty items...I recently got into knitting/crocheting Amigurumis and took them to one and came home with none... if you can make some cute dust collector....normally it will sell

people like the kits i make too.. make something and then put a kit together for someone to make it themselves.

Head scarves went this last time...really fast and good stash buster..make sure you embroidery some flowers or something on it tho...all of those went and i brought home my just plain ones.

and then of course the accent scarves and slouch hats..i always make sure i have some of those...

I make bottle socks in the sports colors and other colors and they sell...those take me about 3 hours heavy knitting to make.

I used to make doilies, never sold any..dont make them anymore.
on the ocation i would sell an embellished kitchen towel set.

Sports color stuff sells too...especially orange and red...Missourians sure love thier Cheifs....the bottle socks and head scarves and washcloths all in the orange and red. Most of it goes. Oh and the Kansas sports team colors too.

Not sure how much of this would be suitable for your intended crowd.. but this is what I take with me to a craft show.

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