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I've had a really busy weekend. The inlaws were here and we finished the yard! All the plants are in (I think we planted more than 70 plants, including four citrus trees--all rather small to fit the budget, but they'll grow) and got everything mulched so it doesn't dry out in the summer heat. DD also finished helping me put up some black and white pics of ancestors and family members. I painted a bunch of frames black and we got white or black and white mats for them and arranged them in the hall. It turned out so well! She even fixed some of the pics that had tears in them. We've been working on this for about 6 weeks, so I'm glad we finished.

Julie, did you have class this weekend? Hope it went well. Hope you get time to study every day this week. Tell your DH that you need to spend at least 2-3 hours outside of class for every hour in class. You NEED your time!

Emily, A kiss is different for different people. He obviously thought it meant more than it did. Bummer. Any word on the class? And what's the book? I have to be in the right mood for a movie filled with angst. I want to see The Blind Side, but it's not at RedBox yet.

Christine, bummer that DH has to postpone retirement, but it sounds like a REALLY wise choice.

Chris, those trains get me, too.

Rache, I'm not prone to motion sickness, but ugh! In a MOVIE?!? How miserable!

Dustina, did you get some days off? I've missed you here!

So DD's fiance told her he couldn't come this weekend, even though they had hoped he could. She was upset and in tears and then, less than an hour later, he walked through the door. I know he was trying to surprise her, but to make her cry took it too far. Jerk. She wasn't happy with him, either. Keep praying about it all. At least he went to church with us today. First time since October, I think.

I have off work tomorrow. I need it! It was a really busy weekend, with the inlaws here and today DS's GF and her parents were here ALL DAY. I'm Exhausted and need a day without a house-full of people.
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