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Wow--this is getting more and more interesting. Cool! Thank you all for the additional video links and commentary. I had already been looking at Annie Modesitt's site, and it was after that that I had my last list of questions above. But reading the descriptions again, and looking at more videos, has helped me understand much better. Last evening I followed fluffybunny's comments and just went for it, wrapping in whichever direction was less awkward, but always checking that I was knitting/purling into the *leading* leg. I was practicing on a 2x2 rib small diameter circular project-ette (stethoscope sock). Seemed to work just fine.

Now I really want to get that Mary Thomas book! I added it to my KP wish list. :^)

How wonderful to have a place like this to ask these very detailed questions and have such an interesting discussion. Thank you again.

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