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I am a combined knitter and can share this with you, you MUST wrap your yarn around the needles (or pull) the same way you do the knit stitch. And that is because of the way the knit stitch sits on the needle. I wrap clockwise and that gets me the best result when I knit combined.

I will let you in on my secret for circular knitting, I purl from the back loop as well (Eastern Knitting) and it comes out beautifully. If you are on Ravelry, take a look at my cap and hat projects.

Knitting circular is actually very easy for combined knitters as we're never untwisting our knit stitches and everything looks uniform and even. We just need to remember our decrease rules (ssk=K2tog, and K2tog=ssk) when we are at that stage. If you have any specific questions, shoot me a PM and I'll see if I don't know the answer or where you can find it.
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