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Julie, that's an adorable picture!
Originally Posted by G J View Post
Emily, A kiss is different for different people. He obviously thought it meant more than it did. Bummer. Any word on the class? And what's the book? I have to be in the right mood for a movie filled with angst. I want to see The Blind Side, but it's not at RedBox yet.
At the moment, I'm waitlisted/will probably get in to the class. So I'm filling out my TA schedule and hoping. My professor says I shouldn't have a problem getting into a bio class last minute if they wind up not having space for me.
The book is Silver Borne, the newest book by Patricia Briggs. I picked up the first book because the title intrigued me (it's Moon Called), and absolutely fell in love. It's urban fantasy. If you like werewolves at all, do yourself a favor and buy this one. The main character is a Walker (can shift into a coyote) who was raised by werewolves, and when she moved to the Tri-Cities, she got a job working for a fae mechanic, wound up with the alpha werewolf as her neighbor, and has dealings also with the local vampire seethe (and no, they aren't sparkly or 'vegetarian,' even her friend Stefan). There's also a second series set in the same alternative reality world, which revolves around the younger son and Enforcer of the leader of all North American werewolves, and his mate.

Anyway, really good books.

Hopefully things turn out for the best between your dd and her fiance. As Julie said, a guy who makes his girl cry, doesn't deserve her.
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