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looking at just the right hand portion; columns 7 to 15 counting from the right.

row one, 3, 11,13,15,17,19,21,23 are all:

YO, (double decrease) YO, purl 3, YO, (double decrease), YO = 9 stitches

Row 5 and 9 are:

purl one, YO, double decrease, YO, p1, YO, double decrease, yo, = 9 stitches.

row 7 should be:

p1, ( *** ), p1 = where ( *** ) is the crossover

but is charted as p1, ( *** ), yo, p1

If your stitch order for those seven stitchs is:


after the crossover they will be:

O ,(c), O, d, O, (g), O

stitches dcba are held forward
stitches gfe decrease to form (g)
purl stitch d
stitches cba decrease to form (c)

Does that make sense?
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