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Not lost, just on loan during the day to my boss. But as soon as I get home, I'm all over that shawl.

By the way, I hadn't been able to check KH until now and then I noticed we were on page 6 of the thread and had a minor panic attack. Random thoughts that crossed my mind:

Crycket's all done and I've barely started!
Melissa's decided to throw in a random twist to the challenge a la Project Runway
They're conspiring against me...

Can you tell it's been a long and painful day at work?

Originally Posted by lissaplus2 View Post
no need for apoligies for being silly...
we need all the silly we can get..

I want to know how Crycket feels about her work now? Is it smoother and easy to work? are things falling into place better? I, by far, wanted this to be frustrating for you...i know it was yesterday, but how about now?
( waiting for a picture)

AMAZING how one stitch can throw the whole thing off.

Also, I seem to have lost dimpledapple....?

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