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WIP: Baby Blanket [Found! TLC Baby Pattern on Label]
Our friends and co-works to my dear wife are expecting their first child. My dear wife (always willing to volunteer my services) told me I was to make them a crocheted baby blanket.

Of the hundreds of patterns I've printed and jambed into my binder/queue not one was for a baby blanket.

The pattern is a striped blanket pattern that was on the back of a RedHeart TLC Baby yarn. I have lost the pattern somewhere in the house but I had a full repeat of the eight row pattern and have continued on from memory and from what is "written down" in the wip.

Thirty inches wide and three inches long.. and July something is the due date.

That someone knows or can scan and email/PM me the pattern I lost. TIA

Wow! that was quick. I'm not even sure if anyone had a chance to read this between my three (or more) edits.

Pattern: Red Heart, TLC Baby: "SB511-002 Soft Shells"
It is a Sport, light, baby weight yarn (3)

Colors: White, Naptime (and a Bernat pink baby weight yarn).

Hook size: (US) G-6 4mm

Begin with chain 182 in CA (pink)

There are a lot of color changes! Yikes I dislike that.
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