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Copyright question...

I'm (finally!) nearing completion on the design samples for my "Design Your Own" Kitchen Cloths and Accessories book and I wanted to double-check the matter of copyright one more time.

For nearly all the sample designs I've used stitch patterns that I've seen in at least two (and usually more) stitch dictionaries. For instance, almost every comprehensive collection of stitch patterns you look in will have the seed stitch, garter stitch, double moss stitch, etc. etc. plus other more elaborate stitches.

These stitch patterns, as I've used them, are incorporated into a project that also may use more than one stitch pattern as well as various finishing techniques. So while using the stitch patterns I've selected, I'm using them in conjunction with other things to create a whole new product.

The way I understand it is that I can copyright the book itself as well as the sample designs without infringing on the copyright of any of the stitch dictionaries that I used in developing those projects.

Is this true? I would really appreciate some input on this.

Thanks so much for your help!

In progress - designing, knitting and writing a knitting book, "Design Your Own Gourmet Kitchen Cloths and Accessories".
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