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FO: NOOK nifty features
Husband and I were at the Barnes and Noble this evening after dinner at Appleby's with my brother and his wife!

B&N had a table filled with Nook readers, ready to go. It was fun to turn them on and play with them. A B&N rep came by and shared a couple of 'nifty' features:

1) if you purchase an e-book from B&N for your can "loan" the book to a Nook enabled friend for up to 2 weeks, no cost! During the 2 weeks, you will not have access to the book. It is just as if you loaned a literal book to them. But after 2 weeks, the Nook software whisks the book out of their Nook and sends it back to your Nook!
2) You have a free 3G wi-fi network with which to add e-books to your Nook.
3) You can "send" your Nook books to your computer and to your cellphone, thereby enabling you to read your book(s) on either of the 3 pieces of equipment: computer, cell phone, or Nook
4) You do not have to sign up for a cell phone service to use your Nook downloadable features.
5) You can upgrade your internal SD memory card to add more books, however, it hold 1500 books.
6) There is a full color homepage strip under the reading part of the Nook. Your features, etc are in full color.
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