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Originally Posted by AngelaR View Post
I have heard that Kindle will soon allow you to "loan" books to friends with Kindles. That is the only feature the Nook has that the Kindle doesn't.

My hubby has the Sony E-Reader... the major drawback is that he cannot read Nook or Kindle formats. However, it can read PDFs, .doc, and .lit quite easily. Which is good because I have over 10K books in .lit form that I have to reformat to .mobi to read on my Kindle and sometimes that conversion does not make it easy to read.
How do you reformat to something so it can be read on a Kindle or nook? I don't have a big eBook library at the moment (thankfully) but they're on Adobe Digital Editions. I'm thinking about asking for either a nook or a kindle (I read too fast to reasonably carry the number of books that I can read on the average long-distance trip... so while I like my books in hard copy, I'm being sucked towards eBook readers...), but I wish I could put my current eBooks on whichever I get.

Or, I could go with a Sony reader, and then I can't buy ebooks from Amazon or B&N, which is 90% of my book purchases.
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