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I'm also waiting on the i-Pad to evolve. Waiting to see if it, or another similar, will be more of a universally useful device.

I read an article in the Sunday paper, about e-readers. The main point that stood out was the growing pains of this new device.

The article said that the market will never be able to sustain so many versions. So, after all the cards are on the table, there will be a "last man standing". One that has weathered the fire storm of innovation, and remains as the best, the baddest, and hopefully, the most affordable.

The article said that e-readers will never become mainstream until they lower to $99 for a decent reader.

Few analysts believe the current number of e-reader devices on the market is sustainable, especially with more tablet devices on the way. Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Google all have them in development.

Amazon will benefit from having its Kindle app available on the iPad, especially because its own e-reader doesn't have a color display. A IDG analyst said that 'we don't think it's sufficient for Amazon to go with only a bl/wh display Kindle.
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