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Originally Posted by Sunshine's Mom View Post
Didn't she want you in the wedding party? Her matron of honor?
Yes...she did...I think that might have changed though, which is where I get a bit more guilted.

Originally Posted by Sunshine's Mom View Post
Frankly, though, so many of us don't really do something great on our vacations that I think an opportunity to have a marathon drive ending in a cruise would be kind of fun. Don't let your fears keep you from experiencing something that could be wonderful. Is it really a money issue or your fear of the unknown and being out of your comfort zone? And the best time to push your boundaries is when you are doing so for a loved one.
I do somewhat agree that it could be fun to go down to Florida, driving it could be ok too. I know we did it when I was a kid once or twice. It might be nice to see it as an adult. It does make it a two week vacation rather than a 1 week, and probably does make it more expensive. The cheapest room on the ship was about $800 a night per person....making it about $1600 (I am going to assume US) Driving down is gas, motel and food. I believe it is around a 20 or so hour drive, and neither hubby or I are willing to drive non stop. So lets say 3 days 2 nights. It would also be a consideration to rent a car, as I am not sure I want to put that kinda milage on to my car. That is where I figure the extra $1400...not to mention hair and dress, tips and alcohol on the cruise. perhaps travel insurance etc.

I DO really want to be there for her day. I am really annoyed that she can't seem to separate my support from my being there. To her they are one in the same! This makes me feel really bad... is out of my comfort zone. Neither DH or I want a vacation of this kind. DH gets sea sick. I have other issues...but I could put them aside. The money is a bit tight. I am a little bit put off at the fact that she seems to think that $3000 is a cup of coffee from now until March...DH worked it is more like $10 a day...that is more like 6-10 cups of coffees worth of money a day.

I am also annoyed that she is using the "everyone needs a vacation" line, and that she thinks it is ok to pull people (specifically me) out for a week or two for a wedding.

The last wedding I went to was for someone I have known since kindergarden and I didn't even go to the wedding ceremony as the time difference between the ceremony and the reception was 4 or 5 hours. The wedding was about 1.5 hours away from home, and we decided it was not really worth it to hang around for that time in our dress clothes with no where to go. That and a $40 gift, it was all good! Heck, even my BFFs wedding was neat and easy, I did a small scrapbook album for her with photos I took at her wedding at a cost of about $200 (after photo processing of like hundreds of pics, where was digital then huh?) She loved that more because she had photos that were more candid and not in her photographers rolls.

Either way...her bottom line seems to be, either you WANT to be there or you don't. Money won't stop you when you have 10 months to save up. I say it is too much to expect for a wedding, and truely I hope the friendship isn't done after this, though I already feel it is strained.
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