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The only people I've known who do destination weddings do them because they don't want to deal with all the guests and family crap that goes on. (Divorced parents having to be civil, in-laws mad because other family's decisions, who gets to be closer, sit where, etc.) They pick 2 good friends that really want to go and witness and that's it. They only have to be there for a day and it's their decision if they want to stay longer or not. I've never known anyone to do a destination wedding and expect everyone to come along for the ride to the tune of thousands of dollars of their own expense! Why don't you suggest to host a nice reception back home for all of the family and friends who won't be able to come along. (Talk about lack of privacy- bringing your whole wedding party along for your honeymoon-YUCK!) Most destination weddings (or Las Vegas, quickie weddings, at bride's hometown far away, etc.) do a reception back home for those who can't travel that want to wish the couple well. Watch a video of the wedding, dress up all pretty and have some food and fun celebrating with them for one day instead of a week!
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