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Originally Posted by Crycket View Post
See...but you are talking about someone reasonable.

They are going to have to throw a reception cause they are discluding so many ppl.
Wait. What? Are your friend and her fiancee specifically not inviting people or is their guest list dwindling because so many people are not going? If the latter is the case then maybe they need to make their destination wedding a small affair (immediate family only) and plan on a reception back home. It seems that her "perfect wedding" plans are falling through because no one on her side of the guest list is going to compromise their financial stability for her wedding. She's getting grumpy and fussy because no one is seeing her "vision" and helping her achieve it.

Tell her you love her, she's a great friend and, because she is, you know that she'll understand that you simply don't have the time or money to accommodate a destination wedding. It has nothing to do with her or her fiancee personally. It's entirely a financial reason.

Guilt-trip her a bit and see how she likes it. Compliment her. Encourage her. But tell her that her wedding day, ultimately, has nothing to do with you. It's about her and her husband to be. Also, I'd tell her that you don't appreciate the guilt-trip she's been putting on you and how stressed out you've become over it. It's unfair that she can't just accept your answer. You wouldn't do that to her.

Keep us posted. I've got my fingers crossed for you that tonight will go okay.
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