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Patterns are all math based on gauge. As long as you are getting your gauge here if you follow the same pattern of increases they are using already, you should be fine.

Looks like you are trying to go up a couple of sizes past the pattern. You have followed their increases of casting on 6 more stitches per size.


For the sleeves on the original pattern it requires cast on 3 sts at beg of next 4 rows, 71 (77:83)

You would cast on 3 stitches at the beginning of the next 4 rows which would give you 95 stitches

shape neck patt 28 (30:32)

Work in rib (patt) for 36 stitches

cast off nxt 15 (17:19).

Cast off next 23

dec one st at neck on next 5 rows 23 (25:27).

Decrease one stitch on next 5 rows (31)

This will work as long as you are getting the same gauge as the pattern. All the increases and decreases are based on how many stitches per inch you get and the dimensions of the garment you are making.

There should be a schematic with the pattern that shows you the dimensions. You could really make the pattern even if you weren't getting the same gauge but you might not be able to follow their pattern of decreases. You'd just have to figure out how many stitches you would have to decrease or increase so that your knitting measurements matched the dimensions of the garment.
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