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Beginner - Hat patterns?
I've done a scarf - and am working on two more right now. THey're easy enough - and I think I have them down. But I do wanna be able to knit more than scarves eventually. So I'm looking at hats (mainly cause they seem simple and cause I'd like the gifts I give to match what I've already made for people).

But here's the big question I have - every pattern I've found for hats requires me to have more than the circular needles that I went out and got today. And I don't understand that at all. Why can't I just use the circular needles (with as many stitches as it needs) and after a few inches for the brim and forehead area just lessening stitches until I completely bind off at the top. Why can't I just do this, why is this a bad thing? Why do I need to go out and get double pointed needles?

I'm just confused by this. Will someone please explain this to me - and hopefully also please direct me to the EASIEST pattern possible for the very first thing I'm knitting beyond simple scarves.
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